最初はそれぞれの県人会は個々に活動していました。共通の目的のもとに複数の県人会が一体となり、一団体として結成したのは、今から50 年前の1964 年のことでした。1964年7月、在ロサンゼルス総領事島内敏郎氏が各県人会長をパサデナの公邸に招待し、その活動を高く評価すると共に将来への期待を述べられました。この出来事が、個々の県人会代表者が定期的に集まるというきっかけとなったのです。その後同年10月に、各県人会の会長らによる会議が開かれ、南加県人会協議会のはじまりとなる南加県人会連絡会が結成されたのです。そして1975 年、名称を「南加県人会協議会」と変更し現在に至っています。







アメリカ合衆国の内国歳入庁(IRS: Internal Revenue Services)が規定する501条(c)項(3)号団体として認定されています。








Nanka Kenjinkai Kyogikai (Japanese Prefectural Association of Southern California: “JPASC”) is a federation of various kenjinkai-the associations of persons sharing an interest in culture and customs related to a particular prefecture in Japan. As of 2014, this federation has 41 prefectures among 47 prefectures in Japan.


It was established in 1964 with a purpose to promote goodwill between the United States and Japan, and to encourage appreciation of the cultural heritage of the various Japanese prefectures.  To further this purpose, JPASC provides networking opportunities for persons interested in Japanese cultural heritage.  JPASC also sponsors events and shows of Japanese culture that presents the various prefectures, and provides scholarships to young men and women who are studying Japanese culture since 1976.




One of the first prefecture to formed a kenjinkai in the Southern California was the Kagoshima Kenjinkai which was established in 1899.  Many kenjinkais were formed in succeeding years. Over the years, these kenjinkais served various functions in meeting the needs of their members, especially in early years of the immigration of Japanese nationals to the United States.


These kenjinkais functioned independently until 1964.  In July of that year, Consul General Toshiro Shimanouchi of Japan expressed an interest in finding out about the activities being engaged by various kenjinkais and invited 15 representatives of kenjinkais to a meeting at his residence in Pasadena.


On October 3 1964, a meeting of presidents of kenjinkai groups discussed the possible formation of an umbrella federation of all individual kenjinkai group, and agreed to create an association of kenjinkai presidents, named “Nanka Kenjinkaicho Renrakukai (liaison body of the presidents of kenjinkai associations). This marked the beginning of the federation of kenjinkai association in Southern California. In March 1975, the name was changed to current JPASC.


Since its inception, JPASC, in addition to maintaining communication among its member kenjinkais, has undertaken numerous projects that helped promote goodwill between the United States and Japan and encouraged younger generation for appreciation of Japanese culture.


2014 marks the Japanese Prefectural Association of Southern California 50th Anniversary, serving many communities throughout Southern California. Your generous support over the last fifty years has made our efforts possible, and we graciously thank you! We are looking forward to the next fifty years of service and promotion of Japanese culture and heritage. With your continuing support, together, we can serve for many generations into the future.


The Nanka Kenjinkai Kyogkai is a non-profit corporation.

It is recognized by law under the 501(c)(3) provisions of the U.S. tax code.